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A place of healing for Body & Mind.

Hi! I’m Jacqueline
My mission is to help you achieve what your Soul desires, to create a remembering and understanding of Self, and a return to Soul, allowing you to step into your power and live a life that is abundant, on purpose and authentically you.

I believe that Syncronising with our Soul is the key to our own healing.

Our journey in this lifetime is to return to Soul, to un-become everything that is not really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!

Our Soul always knows what do and how to heal to overcome the separation within ourselves caused by learnt behaviours, conditioning, programs, belief systems and patterns that our experiences and influences in this life (and past lives) have taught us, or that our ego mind has created to protect us from emotional pain and hurt.

During my sessions I hold a space of reflection for each client, allowing them to be open to what is theirs to see and receive in that moment. I see my role as bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual dimensions, connecting with Source and channelling healing for body and mind -

Synchronising with the Soul and re-connecting you with your identity, Activating your Divine Blueprint and receiving the Universal Keys to Transforming your Consciousness, allowing a return to our natural state of being – Oneness, love, Abundance, vitality.

In transforming the consciousness of one we transform the consciousness of all.


“Transformation occurs when our subconscious meets our conscious and a new understanding of our own truth propels us to a higher wisdom and a new way of being”

Channelled by Jacqueline from The WhiteBrotherhood

What do I do?

I offer healing for body & mind through one-to-one sessions, workshops and on-line programs.

Each facilitates processes or provides insights to help you move through stagnation, confusion, anxiety, stress, disconnection and dis-ease, caused by a separation from the Soul – allowing you to remember your divine state of personal power, abundance, purpose and authenticity.

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In person sessions are available in Perth & Denmark WA.

All sessions are also available by Skype and phone


Energy Healings

In each session, I utilise a combination of Spiritual and Psychic insights, practical everyday tools and Universal energy’s, to facilitate the processes necessary to remove and transform aspects of yourself that no longer serve you.

During a Healing session all energy systems are brought back to a natural state of homeostasis and you become one with your Soul – the true essence of self, making you stronger to weather life’s chaos and see your way out of it.

Each session facilitates a deeper understanding of self, and a renewed connection to the soul within.

This connection allows you to experience the one-ness of self, allowing you to step into your power and live a life that is abundant, on purpose and authentically you.

You will experience the shift in consciousness necessary for you to evolve into to a new reality and a new way of being.

Through healing, natural order is restored in ourselves and our lives, allowing us to experience vitality, happiness, harmony, balance, love, peace and abundance as our natural state of being.


My intent with a Reading is to provide you with information and knowledge that you require in order to make informed decisions about yourself, your life and your way forward, and to provide the connections and confirmations necessary to facilitate healing in that process.

Spirit does not necessarily give you what you want or expect, during a Reading but they will give you what you need!

Truth bombs are delivered with tact, diplomacy, compassion and the essential sense of humour.


Client Feedback

"This lady's work is really cool! Not the usual in her field, Jacqueline Bell actually helps you make deep transformations rather than tell you your fortune and send you on your way, she uses her superpowers for good!! I highly recommend her work....but warning...only for those who are ready to face some truths, changes and new possibilities!!"

Michelle Sims – Counsellor

I have found attending Jacqueline's sessions to be very helpful with helping me move forward in my life. I have also done 2 of her online programs now and I am so grateful that I did, because in doing them, it has helped me make some major shifts and now I have the tools to use or refer to whenever I need to. Jacqueline holds the space very well and is very understanding, patient and has great insights into what's happening for you. I fully recommend anyone wanting to create changes in your life to do Jacqueline's online programs. The more steps you take the better.

Wanda T – Perth

Jacqueline's Unlocking your Inner Psychic Program was a soul opening experience for me. There was so much personal growth which was completely unexpected. I have finished the program feeling more in tune with myself than ever before. I feel a positivity surrounding me and am so excited to see what lies ahead for me and my psychic abilities!

Michelle R – Perth

My work with Jacqueline has supported me through an incredible time of transformation, healing and growth in my life.
I feel truly blessed to be able to experience the remarkable Transformative Healings that Jacqueline practices.
I am so grateful for her professionalism and integrity and always feel safe and nurtured in her beautiful healing space.
My love and deep gratitude to you, dear kind soul and brilliant healer. How fortunate we are to have you here in Denmark.

Sandy Poole – Keto Living

I recently completed a 5 week course with Jacqueline. The content was extensive, the opportunities for growth were unbelievable. It certainly challenged me in a really good way. I highly recommend Jacqueline’s services.

Michelle C - Perth


Jacqueline really held a deeply, perfectly supported reminder of my true being … constructing magnificently appropriate intent for me to repeat for my healing in the now and onward. 

All-encompassing and truly awe inspiring truth that resonated profoundly and hit the mark exactly.  Enormously grateful for her ability to channel so intuitively and accurately.

Feeling very peaceful and calm tonight.  Very grateful.

Christine Hedman

Over the years, Jacqueline has been one of the beings that has assisted me to see the truth behind a lot of my blocks, illusions and limiting beliefs. Through sessions and workshops with Jacqueline, I have found parts of me that I didn’t know existed. Through which, I have connected to the ability to create and receive the gifts of universe. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life.

Carol Daynes – Inala Living

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