My Story

Looking back, my earliest memory of my psychic self is around 9 when my grandfather, who had passed away, appeared beside my bed. I remember freaking out and from there I switched off that part of me until much later in life.

Twenty four years later, and now in Perth WA, I went to meditation classes for relaxation, and I remember doing an open eyed candle meditation, and I realised I could see faces, energies and words forming from the flame. I didn’t quite understand it all at that time, but it certainly peaked my curiosity!

Around the same time I had gone to bed one evening and I remember asking my Grandma (who had passed) for help with something. I remember saying if you are really around then show me – and she did. I had fallen asleep and was woken up with a hand gently touching my shoulder, I watched as a white ghost-like shape took form in front of me – and I had a conversation with my Grandma, who is now one of my constant guides.

Soon after that I had an experience driving home on a beautiful sunny day, I saw an old lady standing at a bus stop, the unusual thing was she was dressed in black from head to foot, with a frilly cap, an umbrella and a handbag over her arm – imagine an old world version of Mary Poppins - all in black! As I drove past her, I saw all this as clear as you would see anyone standing right in front of you. When I looked in the rear-view mirror, she wasn’t there. A brief insight into another world!

At this point I was thinking – maybe there is something to all this?

Through a series of “coincidences” I found Pranic healing and began my own healing journey and it was during my very first workshop that I felt the energy and magic of Spirit surround me.

I cried my way through the workshop, feeling a sense of relief, gratitude and peace, knowing that I had finally come home, and knowing with certainty that I was exactly where I was meant to be, and had found what I was looking for – even though I didn’t know I was looking!

From there I became very focused on my own healing journey, unravelling the first 33 years of my life in Scotland, realising that I actually had no idea who I truly was, and that I had always known there was something more, something that made sense of this life, something that would bring about a sense of Self, connection and belonging, all the answers I was looking for lay within me.

At this point I had no idea what I would do with all the knowledge and skills that I learned, but something was driving me forward.

My journey led me to experience a variety of modalities, and the more layers of myself I unravelled, the more connected I became to authentic self, and a slow awakening of my purpose in this life, the more my psychic self became a part of me that I could no longer ignore – although I tried hard to!

In 2007 I set up a part-time business from home offering healings to clients and using psychic self to provide insights to the healings, while I continued to work in the Corporate World as an Accountant. By the end of 2009 I knew that transitioning out of the corporate world was necessary for my own growth. I had become the Financial Controller who oversaw several Companies and did Psychic readings and healings in her office at lunchtime!

I knew that I wanted to move into my own business and live my passion, full-time, and I also knew that this journey was going to take me away from Perth.

Around that time I travelled down South to Albany WA with a friend for the weekend. We found ourselves in Denmark and parked in the Centre of the town. I stepped out of the car and turned and said to my friend, I’m going to live here! And that knowing determined my path for the next 4 years.

I had no idea how or when the move would happen. Once I had moved through my resistance to letting go of the comfort, security and familiarly of the corporate world, I put the details in Spirits hands. A few months later I had sold my house, left my job, moved to Denmark and was bringing to life my vision of my healing centre.

I worked from my own healing Centre in Denmark for 2 years and resisted owning the Psychic within, until Spirit cancelled all my clients and a gave me a little nudge in the right direction - once I advertised Psychic readings my clients would return – low and behold they did!

During this time I was also gifted, by Spirit, a set of sacred symbols their purpose, meaning, and use led me to create my own healing technique – Channelled Soul Healing Work with me One on One!

In 2014 I was guided to move back up to Perth and continue my work here; I am now based in Perth, and work worldwide with clients online.

My journey with Self, Soul and Spirit continues – I, like all of us, am a work in progress. These days I am very much in my authentic self – what you see is what you get! I love telling people that I am an Accountant turned Psychic – makes for some interesting conversations.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to connect on a Soul level with others and experience Spirit & Source energy in the way I do. I consider it a privilege to have had shown to me the Universal process of life, death and re-birth, and to be invited to play a small part in the journeys of others.

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