Hi I'm Jacqueline!

The first time I had a “Spiritual” experience I was sitting in a meditation class doing an open eyed candle meditation, and I realised I could see faces, energies and words forming from the flame.
I didn’t quite understand it all at that time, but it certainly peaked my curiosity!

Through a series of “coincidences” I then found Pranic healing and began my own healing journey.

Very quickly I felt a pull to attend the Pranic healing workshops being offered and it was during my very first workshop that I felt the energy and magic of Spirit surround me.
I cried my way through the workshop, feeling a sense of relief, gratitude and peace, knowing that I had finally come home, and knowing with certainty that I was exactly where I was meant to be, and had found what I was looking for – even though I didn’t know I was looking!

From there I became very focused on my own healing journey, unravelling the first 33 years of my life in Scotland, realising that I actually had no idea who I truly was, and that I had always known there was something more, something that made sense of this life, something that would bring about a sense of wholeness, connection and belonging.  Of course the answer was within me!

I had no idea what I would do with all the knowledge and skills that I learned, but something was driving me forward.
My journey led me to experience a variety of modalties, and the more layers of myself  I unravelled, the more connected I became to myself, and the more my psychic gifts became a part of me that I could no longer ignore!

In 2007 I set up a part-time business from home offering healings to clients and using my psychic gifts to provide insights to the healings, while I continued to work in the Corporate World as an Accountant.  By the end of 2009 I knew that transitioning out of the corporate world was necessary for my own growth.  I had become the Financial Controller who oversaw several Companies and did Psychic readings and healings in her office at lunchtime!

I knew that I wanted to move into my own business and live my passion, full-time, and I also knew that this journey was going to take me away from Perth.
Around that time I travelled down South to Albany WA with a friend for the weekend.  We found ourselves in Denmark and parked in the Centre of the town. I stepped out of the car and turned and said to my friend, I’m going to live here!

And that knowing determined my path for the next 4 years. 

I had no idea how or when the move would happen.  Once I had moved through my resistance to letting go of the comfort, security and familiarly of the corporate world, I put the details in Spirits hands.  A few months later I had sold my house, left my job, moved to Denmark and was bringing to life my vision of my healing centre.
I worked from my own healing Centre in Denmark for 2 years and resisted owning my Psychic and Mediumship skills, until Spirit cancelled all my clients and a gave me a little nudge in the right direction - once I advertised Psychic readings my clients would return – and they did!. 

During this time I was also gifted, by Spirit, a set of sacred symbols their purpose, meaning, and use which led me to found the Soul Star Healing modality.
I then closed my own Centre and joined forces with a group of beautiful, powerful women in the Denmark Natural Therapy Centre.

In 2014 I was pulled to move back up to Perth and continue my work here; I am now based in Perth, with regular trips to Denmark where I still work from the Natural Therapy Centre.
I work from the Vivacious Living Centre in Applecross, and nationally and internationally from home via skype.

My vision is to raise collective consciousness, one person and group at a time.

I have a passion for connecting with people and sharing my knowledge, abilities and experiences to empower individuals to create transformation from a space of wholeness and truth within.  Allowing each person to experience the freedom that honouring their purpose and potential in his lifetime brings.

By raising the consciousness of each individual, we raise the consciousness of the collective and create Universal transformation.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Atma Namaste, Jacqueline


My Skills & Qualifications

    • Psychic
    • Medium
    • Spiritual Healer
    • Founder - Soul Star Healing
    • Associate Certified Pranic Healer
    • Reiki Master & Teacher
    • Certified Orion Technique Theta Healer (Intuitive Anatomy)
    • Access Bars® Practioner
    • Member of the Pranic Healing Association of WA


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